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Public Act 159

New Medical Requirements for CDL Holders
Beginning January 30, 2012

Phases  Effective Date  What this means for CDL drivers 
 Phase 1
Collection and storage of the Self/Medical certificate information
 1/30/2012  Starting in January, drivers will be required to provide a valid medical examiner's certificate to the SOS via an online web submission process, via fax or take it to their local SOS branch office.

Each new medical certification must be submitted.

When a driver applies for an original CDL or renews their current CDL, drivers will need to certify the scope of their travel in a CDL vehicle as either 'interstate' or 'intrastate'

CDL holders will now be required to certify IF they are exempt from medical certification [ex: farm drivers holding F designator and operating within a 150 mile radius of their farm]
 Phase 2
Michigan will begin sharing this information electronically with CDLIS and Law Enforcement
 Late September 2012  If a CDL holder is stopped, the officer will run their medical certification information to verify that they have a valid medical examiner's certificate and take enforcement action if necessary.
 Phase 3
Downgrades all CDL drivers that have not self certified to a specific driving or presented their valid medical certificate to Secretary of State as required
 No later than 1/30/2014  If a driver does not submit their valid medical examiner's certificate [DOT card] to the Secretary of State, a driver will receive a letter from the state explaining that the CDL designator [A, B or C] has been/will be removed from the driver license.

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