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Docket ID Number FMCSA-2007-27659 or RIN 2126-AB02
DATES: Effective date: This final rule is effective on July 8, 2011.
Compliance Date: States must be in compliance with the requirements in subpart B of Part 384 (49 CFR part 384) by July 8, 2014


SUMMARY: FMCSA amends the commercial driver's license (CDL) knowledge and skills testing standards and establishes new minimum Federal standards for States to issue the commercial learner's permit (CLP). The rule requires that a CLP holder meet virtually the same requirements as those for a CDL holder, meaning that a driver holding a CLP will be subject to the same driver disqualification penalties that apply to a CDL holder.

Along with changes to the current instruction permit process, curriculum standards, disqualifications and substantive other changes to current CDL processes, this legislation imposes new license restrictions for drivers operating manual transmissions, non fifth wheel combinations, and those with medical variances. It includes discretion for states to allow current military drivers to waive the skills tests and allow the CDL to be valid up to 8 years. It imposes steps needed to improve anti-fraud measures in the CDL program by requiring proof of citizenship and domicile.

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