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Mobile Classroom RFQ - Bidder Questions and MCTS Responses

This article will be updated with questions posed by bidders regarding the RFQ for a Mobile Classroom Trailer, and MCTS responses to those questions.


Q1. Is the box 32’ in length?
A1. Yes it is, in order to accommodate the generators forward of the wall.

Q2. Is the overall trailer 42’?
A2. Yes it is.

Q3. Is the overhang forward of the drop wall 10’ or 8’?  My model which is 42’ overall has an 8’ overhang and the box would be 34’.  
A3. As long as the generators would fit in the forward section, that would work.

Q4. What is the coupler?  Ball in bed of truck or kingpin receiver on tractor?  Kingpin or ball coupler?
A4. Ball in the bed of the truck.

Q5. Is this being pulled by a semi wired truck or an RV wired pick up.  In a semi application there exists separate stop and turn lights and a different wiring standard.  Typical gooseneck trailers have a smaller 7 way wire connection.
A5. It’s pulled with a heavy-duty pickup using a typical 7-way RV connection, sometimes called a Pollock plug or Bargman connector.

Q6. Is the 12’ height overall from ground to roof or inside height?
A6. Height overall, from ground to roof.

Q7. Line item in the list says 7’6” inside height.  Is this accurate?
A7. Yes.

Q8. What is the reason for the two generators?  Are the loads inside going to separated on each generator?  I have the ability to use one larger generator if that is an option and will certainly reduce the cost of the project and decrease maintenance costs.
A8. There are two simulators inside, and the load from both would put a lot of strain on just one generator.

Q9. It is not mentioned in your RFQ anywhere what the size of the simulators are, what their weight is, and what their power requirement is.  If I do not need to wire for, balance the load, or consider payload then I do not need to know but someone is going to have to integrate the simulators to the trailer and I can make this easier if I know the answers to this question.
A9. The sims are 110”W x 65”D x 77”H.  Each one weighs approximately 1,300 lbs, and they draw approximately 16 Amps of 110V AC power.  The manufacturer requires a 20-amp receptacle.

Q10. No mention of the back of the trailer doors, ramps, or solid.  There is reference to two 36” doors but now sure if your simulators will fit thru said 36” wide doors.  
A10. No ramps would be required. Double 36” doors with no center-post at the rear of the trailer would allow the sims to be brought in through the rear of the trailer.

Q11. Do you have a concept drawing to go along with the RFQ?  
A11. No, we hope the specifications in the RFQ are sufficient to provide a quote.

Q12. Would you consider a 53' Mobile Classroom for quotation?  
A12. No, our tow vehicle (Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty) would not support anything longer and heavier than what is specified in the RFQ.

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