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The Michigan Center for Truck Safety is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving highway safety on Michigan’s roadways, through comprehensive safety educational programs for Michigan’s trucking industry. 

These services and programs are sponsored by the Michigan Truck Safety Commission (MTSC) and funded through a grant to Michigan Trucking Association (MTA) Education Center Inc.

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Spring Weight Restriction Bulletin 2019

Spring Weight Restrictions, click the links below:   Annual spring weight restrictions going into effect starting Monday to protect Michigan's roads Spring Weight Restriction Bulletin. MDOT...

19th Edition of the Truck Drivers Guidebook is NOW AVAILABLE! GET YOURS TODAY!

The 19th Edition Truck Drivers Guidebook is now available!  If you want a copy or copies please: email us at info@truckingsafety.org or call 800-682-4682

Personal Conveyance

Personal conveyance is the movement of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) for personal use while off-duty. A driver may record time operating a CMV for personal conveyance as off-duty only when the driv...

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