Michigan Center for Truck Safety

The Michigan Center for Truck Safety is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving highway safety on Michigan’s roadways, through comprehensive safety educational programs.


Motor Vehicle Safety
is Our Top Priority

Our ultimate goal is to keep Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers , general motoring public, and others safe on the road, no matter the vehicle, season, or conditions.

All services and programs are funded through the State of Michigan Truck Safety Funds, and all of our services and training programs are provided at no cost.


The Importance
of Truck Safety

The Michigan Center for Truck Safety has been operating for over 30 years. Our seminars, certificate training, and outreach to the general motoring public reach over 6,000 individuals every year.

We are currently offering the 21st edition Truck Drivers Guidebook. This is an invaluable resource to the trucking industry, and in the past 5 years, we have distributed over 113,000 books.


Large Trucks Account
for 11% of All Fatal
Vehicle Crashes


Every Year, There Are
500,000 Accidents Involving Trucks


Truck Crashes
Accounted for 4,115 Fatalities in 2019


Safe in Every Season

Our goal is to keep commercial motor vehicles drivers, passengers, and others safe on the road, no matter the vehicle, season, or conditions.

With a focus on state and federal trucking regulations, our skilled staff of safety professionals conduct a variety of programs for both truck drivers and management personnel. We work to continually provide no-cost services, courses, and trainings to businesses and individuals alike.

Our Mission

To improve truck safety by providing Michigan’s trucking industry and the citizens of Michigan with effective educational programs, and by addressing significant truck safety issues.


Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Driver & Industry Professional Development

Our programs provide training on a wide range of topics which include, but are not limited to:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing (FMCSR 40, 382)
  • Qualification of Drivers (FMCSR 391)
  • Hours of Service (FMCSR 391)
  • Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance (FMCSR 396)
  • Online Fatigue Management Training
  • Michigan Weight, Size & Load Regulations
  • Driver Performance Enhancement Training Programs
  • State & Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Our Services

Online Fatigue Course

This Online Fatigue Course provides a certificate upon completion and can help save lives.

Regulations Hot Line

Call our hotline to learn about current regulations and protocols.

Industry Workshops & Seminars

Learn about our specific and custom workshops and seminars.

Professional Defensive Driving

Take a defensive driving course to improve your own safety on the road.

Community Outreach

How we join with our communities through outreach events.

New Entrant Management Training

Management training and safety education tailored to your needs.

Mobile Truck Driver Simulator Project

Through truck driving simulation scenarios, you can practice and learn more about potential hazardous events.

Driver Coaching

Our professional driving coaches will ride along with you and evaluate your driving behavior.

News & Regulations


Regulation Updates

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Free Truck Drivers Guidebook

The Michigan Center for Truck Safety also publishes a Truck Drivers Guidebook. This free publication provides a comprehensive outline of the many compliance requirements contained in state and federal regulations.

Download PDF version here.

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