Our Courses

The Michigan Center for Truck Safety was established to provide training on the regulations and requirements for the trucking industry and the general public.


Our courses and programs provide training on a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing (FMCSR 40, 382)
  • Qualification of Drivers (FMCSR 391)
  • Hours of Service (FMCSR 395)
  • Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance (FMCSR 396)
  • Cargo Securement
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing (FMCSR 40, 382)
  • Driver Fatigue and Drowsy Driving
  • Driver Vehicle inspection requirements (FMCSR 396)
  • FMCSR for Government Drivers and Vehicles
  • FMCSR and Covered and non-covered Farm Vehicle.
  • Entry Level Training Requirements for CDL Drivers
  • Hours of Service (FMCSR 395)
  • Online Fatigue Management Training
  • Michigan Weight, Size, & Load Regulations
  • Driver Performance Enhancement Training Programs
  • State & Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • Distracted Driving
  • DOT Physical Requirements for Sleep Apnea
  • Driver Qualifications and Record Retention
  • Electronic Logging Devices – Regulations
  • Expectations of a Roadside Inspection
  • State & Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • FMCSA Minimum Training Requirements for Entry-Level CMV Operators
  • FMCSA Drug Clearinghouse

Certificate earned programs include:

  • New Entrant Management (NEMT) Training
  • Online Fatigue Training
  • Improving Driver Safety
    (includes 5-6 safety elements)
  • DPM Evaluation Program
  • Mobile Simulator Training
  • National Safety Counsel Defensive Driving for the Professional Truck Driver

Scheduling & Hosting

If you wish to schedule a seminar or training program please contact us.

**Note: The MCTS offers over 40 seminars topics and training programs. If you need a program tailored to your needs, we create new or edit existing programs.

MCTS Course

Professional Driver Enrichment

Learn about the opportunities for professional driver enrichment through the Center’s programs, such as Driver Performance Measurement training, Online Fatigue Training, the Mobile Truck Driver Simulator, and more.

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MCTS Course

Specialized Training

Management training services, on-site management and driver training, as well as cargo-securement training are all available through the Center.

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MCTS Course

New Entrant Information

If you use a truck, including a pick up truck towing a trailer, to conduct business in Michigan the USDOT requirements apply to you! MCTS has training and education available, through FREE workshops, seminars and onsite visits, to assist “New Entrants” in meeting requirements.

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